Monday, September 07, 2009

2009 Storm Chase 37 Report - September 7th - The Lightning Here In Denver Was Better Than My Dessert

I had originally planned to spend the entire weekend chasing storms. See, I was under this delusion that even though there was no upper level shear/support, we could still see severe weather. The bright side is that I didn't waste any gas money trying to prove my point. Instead, I spent the weekend (three-day weekend, I might add), being productive around my flat.

Earlier this afternoon, I was musing with a Mr. Johnathan Skinner about how it would be a nice treat to have some lightning tonight. With the trough still approaching, I thought 'why not?'. I didn't expect anything worth getting excited about, so I continued with my normal daily activities.

After dinner this evening, I began preparing an apple dessert (which turned underwhelming, I might add), when I noticed some of the weak storms to the southwest over the mountains were producing some C2Gs. A few scattered showers began to pop up over the metro as well, so I put the dessert in the oven, got my tripod, and walked over to the field east of my apartment complex. There was a decent amount of C2Gs to the south and though the parking lot lights in the commercial areas to my immediate south were overblowing the view, I tried to get just the horizon and zoom in on an area frequented by C2Gs. In fact, I managed to get a couple good shots before it began to rain. I had to get back and pull the dessert out of the oven anyway.

When it stopped raining, I went back out. I was probably out for twenty minutes or so without much luck... there were plenty of C2Gs, they were just happening during my camera's "save" time or in between shots. Most of the good action began to happen to the east, behind some of the taller buildings in this area. My view wasn't very good, so I got back to my apartment, got in the Xploder, and drove to a parking garage on the other side of the highway. This turned out to be a good plan, especially since I now have a great new lightning perch. I got the rest of my shots from there.

Chase Map (Mileage:2)



sknr31 said...

"Sweet Lightning" alright it's gonna be off the charts now....very excited for ya!

Scott Hammel said...

Nice work man! I got back in town tonight and saw some of the lightning as I was landing and wanted to go take some shots but I had way too many things to get done. Nice job though!

Dann Cianca said...

Thanks guys!