Thursday, August 18, 2011

2011 Storm Chase 3 - April 19th - "No Light Late Night"

Typically on Monday nights, I play basketball with friends from the news stations at Mesa State (now Colorado Mesa University).  We don't usually start until 11PM and often finish after 1AM.  I was just finishing up one night when I noticed we had some storms on the way in from Utah.  I stopped at home briefly to pick up my gear and drove south to my lightning perch, arriving after 2AM.

There I sat for just a little under two hours, listening to music and watching as the line made feeble attempts to strengthen.  It never did do anything special and in fact, neglected to produce any lighting after I reached my perch.  I popped off a shot for good measure before heading home close to 4AM.

Intersection of US 50 and Colorado 141 (northbound) from Whitewater Hill
Mileage:  17
2011YTD Mileage: 89
States:  Colorado
SPC Risk:  Categorical
Max Hail:  None
Tornadoes:  None
Other Phenomena: None.
Storm Reports For April 19th



The two days previous to my lightning failure had actually yielded a few storms, which I was able to snap a few photos from at work.

Sunday, April 17th:
A few, pleasantly-lit mammatus.

Evening color on the Book Cliffs.

Sunset and our dishes at the station.
Monday, April 18th:
Turbulent skies as the storm comes off of "The Monument".

As the storm passed.


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