Monday, December 07, 2009

Cleo In The Indian And Thoughts Across The US

Well... an awful lot of noise out there about the storm that is taking shape here in the US. I believe most of the fanfare warranted. Most, but not all. The models are moving this system quickly and thus I don't expect much of an impact here in the Denver metro. Sure, we'll see some snowfall, mostly very light powdery stuff, but I'm just not convinced we'll see a big event. It looks like the storm will come out of the mountains and redevelop out east, sparing us the brunt. Now to the east ... Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa ... well that's a different story. Hope you're all stocked up on provisions!

Elsewhere, VERY cold air will intrude into Montana tonight. Well, it's already there, but the cold axis which brought lows in the -35ºF range throughout most of northern Alberta yesterday will be over Montana tomorrow morning. Some NWS point forecasts have areas in Montana below -40ºF tonight.


Well, let's warm up a bit and talk briefly about Cleo. She's in the Southern Indian Ocean in open water. Given the nice pinhole eye, I wouldn't be surprised to see her amped up a bit more than forecast on the next advisory.

Anyway, that's it for now.


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