Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Montanan Arctic and Laurence The Blind Cyclone

A few notes of interest:

Continued cold weather in Montana... thanks to a nice, deep Arctic airmass that dropped south out of Canada. I've listed the low temperatures in Montana for the past few days. Check posts from last week to see the days prior. The downslope has finally mixed across the plains creating what one could "sort of" call a warm front, but this should allow for most temperatures in Montana to stay above zero for the first time since late November. The only exception may be an area of cold air pooled along the Milk River in north central Montana where temperatures are currently in the single digits.

11th: -19ºF - Simpson 19N
12th: -16ºF - Gold Butte 17N
13th: -22ºF - Opheim 10N
14th: -31ºF - Valentine
15th: -40ºF - Jordan
16th: -37ºF - Westby

In the tropics...

... things are fairly quiet. 06S Laurence is now inland in wild northwestern Australia and back down around 65kts will continuing to disipate. This was an interesting storm as at its max intensity of 115kt, it did not have an eye, or at least not one that was apparent on satellite.

And elsewhere, I would comment on Monday's severe weather event in the deep south and how SPC missed the boat, but apparently it's not okay to criticize those responsible for warning the public of threatening weather information, even when it is in fact tax dollars that pay their salaries.



Terry said...

Sure is Cold up that way. I remember when i used to live there. 8Mos No-Storms, 4Mos Is-Storms. Good Luck with the SDS, I bet your about ready for June.

Dann Cianca said...

I'm actually in Colorado, Terry, but I'm from Montana originally. :)