Saturday, June 05, 2010

2010 Storm Chase 20 Teaser - June 5th - Patience Is A Virtue

Went out today and watched the cap hold over the Palmer Divide. Weak storms went up, we pursued, they died. Grabbed some dinner, storms looked better (blame the better lapse rates!) so we saw some color and then headed home. As we were getting back to my place, the light show started, so I headed over to the closest park-and-ride garage and gargoyled it on the top for a good, long while.

Colorful convection east of Denver. (Had to do a short exposure to prevent the top from overexposing).

Amazing, close cloud to ground strike from my perch in Greenwood Village (looking west).

As the storm left to the east. Would have had some better shot, but the gusty outflow was laden with spray... so I couldn't get the camera out until it was distant.



Tony Laubach said...

First shot, WOW!!! Great little shot it put on tonight!

Pat Boomer said...

Very nice
Love that last one, would look great in a frame on a wall.

Kurt said...

Like the photos man good catch

Dann Cianca said...

Thanks guys!