Monday, June 07, 2010

2010 Storm Chase 21 Teaser - June 6th

Meat and potatoes:

Structure early... high bases...

After a lot of minesweeping, we were pretty much done and in Brush, watching the storms depart. Popped off this shot with my trigger finger.

Storm popped up right over us and dropped some golf balls! (If you're unfamiliar with the coinage, that's the "Eisenhower Dollar", which is 1.5" in diameter. The top stone was bigger by a quarter of an inch.)

Took a few more structure, hail, sunset, late-night structure shots, but yeah, if I shared more that would almost be like a whole report, now, wouldn't it!



Kendell said...

Nice catch Dann. I had to watch from a distance but got to show off my weather skillz to my friends from New York and Virginia.

Dann Cianca said...

Thanks Kendell!