Wednesday, August 04, 2010

August 4th Brief

Did a little storm chasing on foot this afternoon. Storms are moving slow... but it's rush hour, so I probably won't follow.

Hand-triggered this lightning strike. :)

Stubby funnel cloud... lasted for about two minutes with moderate rotation.

Anyway, given that these storms formed on a convergence boundary, I would have liked to have seen the ground under this funnel. I suspect it is more landspout-ish in nature. There wasn't much, if any rotation in the storm itself.

Hail, south over Castle Rock



Michael O'Keeffe said...

Very nice!

Ben Toms said...

Are you sure that isn't scud?

Dann Cianca said...

Michael: Thanks!

Ben: Well, come to think of it... I better go back to Spotter Training... lol. I guess it was just a moderately rotating column of scud.

nEo said...

I shot some short video of the storm that produced hail over CR near the Target. We saw 3 very brief funnels, the last of which was like an inverted triangle. Nice pics man!

suaave said...

Nice dude...I was in desperate need of a storm. I dig the lightning shot! I was stoked when I got off of work when CG's were falling all over the place and went to grab the camera then the urban monsoon hit so I just sat back and enjoyed

Dann Cianca said...

Neo: You gonna put the video up? Thanks!

Eric: Sometimes it's just nice to rage at the heavens... I hear ya' man. :) Thanks.