Monday, February 02, 2009

SPC Upgrades and Ellie Makes Landfall

I found the above graphic and thought I'd share ... the season is just around the corner!

The official forecast for today was "cloudy with flurries, high in the low 30's" Well, there was nary a cloud in the sky today and the temperature touched 50ºF. Many forecasts changed this morning when it was realized that there were no clouds.


I was checking out the SPC page today and noticed a new addition. The storm reports page has been changed to include additional content.

I thought that the Severe Weather Plot page was pretty cool (preview below)

Currently in the tropics:

12S Ellie

And elsewhere ...

Currently at Denver (Hampden Heights), Colorado: 28ºF Mostly cloudy (high clouds), calm.

Overview tropical satellite imagery used with permission; courtesy of IPS Meteostar Inc. Tropical tracking information and additional satellite imagery from Joint Typhoon Warning Center. Annotations are made by the author of this blog. Click for larger images.
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Anonymous said...

Love the new SPC pages. I really envy the resource that NOAA/SPC have for not just storm chasers but the average person.
I wish Environment Canada woud invest in some of the technologies out there. Maybe someday.

I see that a tornado touched down in SE Texas just north of Beaufort. I got to watch the storm on radar which helps get me through the Canadian Weather.

Thanks for sharing the new pages.

Dann Cianca said...

Thanks Matt. You're right. It would be real nice to see a good Canadian severe report archive.

We're getting close ... I've got my eyes peeled for next Sunday/Monday!