Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Hurricane In The Gulf? ... and blog honors.

So, we watched *Hurricane* Ida make landfall in Nicaragua a couple days back. I've been following this storm very closely as the models have been taking it north into the Gulf of Mexico under favorable strengthening conditions. While not unprecedented, we are rather late in the season and especially on a year which has been fairly quiet.

I've been sold on the models that have shown the storm restrengthening to a hurricane through the Yucatan Straight and then into the gulf. The NHC came around to this solution today as well and now it looks like Ida is being upgraded to a hurricane as I type this. Imagery isn't updated yet, but here's the latest:

Links? Don't mind if I do!
GFDL (you can change the date in the URL for later runs, this one points to the 110718Z run.

And finally, this blog has been included in the "100 Excellent Blogs For Science Teachers" (found here: Good to see the Carlson Chasers and Perilous Planet on there as well.


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