Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tropical Cyclone Formation In Micronesia And Info On November CONVERGENCE!

It's been fairly quiet along the Front Range here for the last week or so. Temps have climbed up into the 50's most days this week aside from the occasion cool push which makes its way down along the Footies. There's still a good amount of snow and ice in the shady areas, so I'm hoping for some consistent downslope to eat it away. It looks like it will have to wait until next week, though, as we might see a little moisture reach the ground after another weak push comes through tonight and into tomorrow. The models don't bring us much else in the next 180 hours, so that will be good. For the record, I enjoy a big snow but prefer warm weather in between, especially now that I spend a lot of time running outside. I'd prefer to not have to run on ice.

Tonight will be the November edition of our CONVERGENCE! meetings. For those of you who are unaway, CONVERGENCE! is a gathering for people who enjoy the weather. This can include people who chase/spot, are educated/work in the field, or just enjoy talking about weather. I found that I had separate groups of friends who though came from different walks of life, all had weather in common. If you're interested intending, please consider yourself invited!

CONVERGENCE! (November 2009)
Saturday, November 22nd 2009
Old Chicago (Bar/Restaurant)
1415 Market Street
Denver, Colorado

Maybe I'll see you tonight?

Okay, now on to the tropics! As I said in a recent post, for whatever reason, my interest in the tropics heats up near the end of the Atlantic Season and usually lasts through the Southern Hemispheric Seasons. The most activity we're seeing now is in the Western Pacific right now, however.

JTWC has decided that 94W has warranted a formation alert and I would have to agree.

We also still have one area worth watching in the Southern Indian Ocean.

And finally, I just thought I'd share one of the images selected on the MODIS Website as an "image of the day". It shows snowcover from a recent storm that moved across Ontario. Very cool, if you ask me. Don't forget to click for the larger version!

Dann Cianca
Overview tropical satellite imagery provided courtesy of IPS Meteostar.

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