Sunday, April 04, 2010

Severe Weather/Chase Forecast: April 5th (Prechase Update)

Well, we're going out. Where exactly we will be going is still up in the air, though I have a hunch that it will end up being along the Missouri/Iowa border. I'm still at a loss to explain why the models are showing freely lifting parcels on vertical profiles and not breaking out precipitation along the dryline. I understand that there is a lack of upper level support, but at least there isn't any upper level hinderence. The WRF Precip model, which seemed to handle today's convection well is very gloomy for tomorrow and I'm almost going to pretend I didn't see it so I at least have a little hope for tomorrow.

Wow, that sounds awful pessimistic... not my usual naïve optimism. I really do need to get out and am looking forward to the road trip aspect of it as much as the storm probs. I'd just love to sit in that warm, moist southerly flow again. It's been too long.

Updates on the Facetubes. I'm assuming we'll be on Spotter Network under either Scott Hammell or Tony Laubach ... and I think Scott will be streaming anything worthwhile on Chasertv.

We're leaving in five hours so I need to be up in four. Time to hit the sack.


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