Wednesday, June 02, 2010

More From May 31st Baca County Supercell

This tornado (unreported) occurred at about 5:05PM (a full hour before the photogenic Campo tornado). I'm calling it a tornado because my video (not shown) shows brief dust swirls in the vicinity of the thick funnel. (Will get that video up eventually but don't currently have a way to work with my HD video on my computer) Anyway, we sat at this location (4S Elder, Baca County) for about twenty minutes, watching this wall cloud (about two miles north of us) slowly develop and begin to produce funnel clouds. There were several funnels and a brief tornado before the wall folded over on itself and eventually wrapped in precip. In the second photo, the rain-cooled air helped condensate the wall cloud much closer to the ground. Due to the precipitation, we were unable to determine whether we had an actual tornado wrapped in rain or not. The photo is inconclusive. At the time, we also did not have any phone service (neither Verizon nor AT&T) and were unable to report what we were seeing. Though I'm not near ready to write the full report up for the day, I figured I would put up my pictures of this event since it went unreported.


Pat Boomer said...

Wow man, more goodies close to home!
That is a gorgeous lookin storm
More pics please :)

Dann Cianca said...

Added a few more in a more recent post. Thanks Pat!