Saturday, December 04, 2010

Weather-Related: December 4th, 2010

Occasionally, I have a few news bits and notes that I want to talk about but don't necessarily warrant a full post, so I've decided to condense a few into one and just call it "weather-related". So, let's talk about the weather.

Unseasonably Warm!
- The Denver area experienced unseasonably warm temperatures yesterday, December 3rd. The airport (KDEN) tied a 100+ year record high of 69ºF thanks to the chinook winds which kept us warm. At my apartment in Centennial, the thermometer reached a high of 67.8ºF. You can bet I had my windows open in the mid afternoon, letting the dry but fresh air through my place. Some mesonet stations across the metro reached into the lower 70s at times, which was quite impressive. The normal high temperature at this time of the year is in the low to mid 40s.

What a Difference a Year Makes!
- I've only been taking obs at my current residence since September of 2009, so there is no use in keeping records for any specific date, but I think the monthly averages this year, compared to last are interesting. October was quite average (*compared with climatology for KDEN) this year with high temperatures averaging 66.7ºF. Compare this with last year's average of 54.0ºF. The lows followed a similar pattern with 45.2ºF and 32.7º respectively. In both instances, we are looking at a greater than 12ºF temperature contrast between years. That is significantly different, weather-wise. How does November add up? Well, we were actually a bit cooler this year than last. The high temperatures were 52.3ºF (2010) and 55.2ºF (2009) and low temperatures were 30.6ºF (2010) and 33.7ºF (2009). The high temperatures for both years were close to normal*, but the lows were a little on the warm side. It should be noted also that my thermometer is relatively close to the building, so it is likely thermally influenced, especially on colder nights. In this case, the most interesting data comes from comparing it to that of the previous year and not with other observations in the area.

Ron Santo
- Chicago Cubs player, broadcaster, and possibly the team's biggest fan, Ron Santo, died on the night of December 2nd. What does Ron Santo have to do with weather? Well, I spent many storm chases this spring and summer listening to his call on WGN radio, which Hambone would stream over his phone. Listening to Cubs games and especially his animated commentary was an integral part of chasing this year and it will be missed. Also, as a Cubs fan, his presence in general with the organization throughout the years will be missed also. Scott and I have decided that our first chase together next spring will be "Ron Santo Day."

I think that gets us caught up for now. It's much colder today in the Denver area as a cold front passed through late last night. No more highs close to 70ºF for us! It barely got above 40ºF today and it is still dry. Aside from a few dustings, it has been a long time since we've had any significant precipitation.


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Scott said...

Yes, I will miss Santo's calls on WGN. You could always tell in his play-by-play he was truly a fan first. His flag will always fly high at Wrigley...