Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2011 - The Year In Images

At the beginning of December, I posted close to 150 of my favorite 2011 photos on my Facebook page.  I asked my Facebook friends to vote by "liking" their favorite photos in the album.  Like the previous year, I decided to make calendars for my family for Christmas.  Like the cliché goes, there's no accounting for taste, so instead of picking the photos myself, I asked for help.

The following photo received the most votes.  It is of a waterfall on the Little Dolores River and was taken back in April. 

The Potholes Of The Little Dolores

Here are the other eleven that I used for calendar month pages (in chronological order, not in order of votes)

December 2010 Lunar Eclipse

Frozen Leaves In Echo Canyon

Gateway's "Palisade"

Reflections In Echo Canyon

Abandoned Homestead On The Colorado High Plains

Storm In The Laramie Mountains

Hail Fog In Wyoming

Box Cañon Falls Outlet

North Desert Lightning

Jumbo Reservoir Aspen Reflection

Frozen Irrigation In Utah

And here are a ton more that are my personal favorites...

Wind-swept Piñon

Secret Passage From The Devil's Kitchen

Monuments & Mesas

Snow On Historic 7th Street

Dillon Pinnacles & Frozen Blue Mesa

Gateway's Palisade II

West Creek At Dark

The Organ


Pine Tree Arch

Fruita Sunset

Juniper & Picture Rock

Akiti Arch

Golden Hour Above Pollock Canyon

Garfield In Spring

Dead Horse Creek

Spouting Rock

Falls Through The Veil

Below Hanging Lake

Dead Horse Creek II


Diamond In Rough Canyon

The Black Pool

Down Rough Canyon Falls

Greeley-Lit Supercell

Grand Mesa Spring

Water Dog At Dusk


Ouray's Cascade Falls

Summer On Piñon Mesa

Above Rifle Falls

Fog Arrives At Snow Mountain Ranch

North Inlet Creek Tributary, Rocky Mountain National Park

Before Sunrise On Garfield

Collared Lizard

Perfect Frame In The North Desert

Monsoon Color On Whitewater Hill


Rain In Arches



Gros Ventre & Granite Creek

Maroon Bells

Grand Mesa In Autumn


Leaf-Covered Pond

The Book Cliffs & The Mouth Of Hunter Canyon

Harvey Gap

Capitol Reef

Factory Butte

Mee Canyon Alcove

See the rest of the images with full descriptions but clicking on my public Facebook album: HERE

*     *     *     *     *

It's hard not to look back on this year and realize that it was absolutely filled with adventure.  For a guy that misses the severe weather of the flat-lands, I feel like I took advantage of my time and the amazing places that can be found out west.  The older I get, the more I realize that our time on this earth is limited.  This year, I tried really hard not to waste any of it.  Hopefully, the years down the road will be just as fruitful.  



Pat Boomer said...

Wow Dann that is an impressive collection!
Cheers to more goodies in 2012

Dann Cianca said...

Thanks, Pat! 2011 was certainly a year of adventure... I hope to see even half of that this coming year. Some storms would be nice too.