Wednesday, August 01, 2012

2011 Storm Chase 17 - July 17th - Dinner Break Desert Chase

Note: This storm chase log is from 2011 but has not been posted yet.

A Sunday evening during the monsoon usually keeps me pretty busy at work, but on my dinner break, I elected to head out to the edge of the desert... just a few minutes from the studio to get some video for the 10PM show.  I also brought along my camera to try and snag some lightning shots.

Big H5 high over the center of the country, nice fetch of moisture through the Rockies.

So, I sat out in the desert, hiding from the rain when I could... it seemed to want to sprinkle a lot.

The only bolt I captured... you have to look real closely to the right of the frame. (click to enlarge)

Nothing too exciting, just some pretty desert vistas.

Mileage: 18
2011YTD Mileage: 1777
States: Colorado
SPC Risk: Categorical
Max Hail: None
Tornadoes: None
Other Phenomena:  None
Applicable Mesoscale Discussions: None
Applicable Weather Watches: None
Storm Reports for July 17th


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