Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weather Spotting - September 26th

Well, I decided to go spotting today anyway. I was watching two outflow boundaries collide and saw what looked to be a brief couplet along the convergence. So, I ran out really quick and couldn't see anything ... so I drove to Cherry Creek Reservoir (to explore for any other reason) and found a place to pull off. The lightning was fantastic on the way there, but waned when I arrived.

The skies weren't all that photogenic, but I did have this nice little downburst form the cloud:

It didn't drop near as fast as I thought it would, so maybe I was incorrect in my assumption of what it really was. I was really hoping to get some active lightning and hope to get a lucky click or even a landspout, but nothing really happened except some light rain.

What eventually happened with the "downburst":

I was parked along East Belleview near Peoria (in case you were wondering).

PS: It's approaching 1AM. So much for getting to bed early to give me an early start tomorrow.

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