Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkins, Training, Green Screens, and Convergence

Had a fun weather-related weekend.

First off, was the pumpkin carving extravaganza. I carved a supercell into my pumpkin. No one really thought it was funny ... but I secretly thought it was AWESOME! ... on the sides, I carved the hurricane symbol and a lightning bolt. I rule.

On Saturday, I attended a spotter training session with Tony Laubach. We've both been through training a thousand times, but I always like to go anyway ... just for fun. Plus, this session had info from the Windsor and Parkersburg ternaders. This was a rough crowd, though ... there were a lot of questions like: "How many gallons of water are in a thunderstorm." Which were completely out of context to the current topic.

Afterward, Tony invited me to come up to NCAR to "help out" with KMGH's 24/7 Weather Experience. It was a lot of fun ... the basic premise is to let little kids to a mock weather report on the green screen using one of four weather scenarios. Then they get to watch themselves. So yeah, we had a lot of fun. After we were done breaking down all the equipment, somehow a silly photoshoot broke out. Since I was the idiot wearing the children's jacket, I wasn't actually taking pictures ... so it will be interesting to see when they are made ... hmmm ... public. haha



Finally, we had our first "Weather Or Not" party at Old Chicago last night. I say first because it seems everyone had a good time and thinks it should be made a monthly affair. I would tend to agree. I think from now on, it will just be known as "Convergence!"

We shared a lot of chase stories and just had generally good company. I've long had a separation between my school friends, work friends, and chase friends ... but weather is the common denominator there. Seemed silly that we didn't all know each other!

... so you better come next month!!



Unknown said...

Genius has been mistaken as mental illness for centuries. I think the pumpkin looks great!

Unknown said...

Thanks BilL!