Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Colorado Snow Totals

The sun! It came out today ... and it was kind of nice. Temperatures crept up toward freezing today, which was nice. Elsewhere, especially to the north and west, it was quite cold. Wisdom, Montana bottomed out at -35ºF while in Wyoming, both Greybull and Shirley Basin touched -37ºF. Brr!

The tally is in on Colorado snowfall. The local NWS office posted the following map today:

Currently in the tropics:

It seems that 98P lost some steam today, so I would wager it wouldn't quite make it to a named system. There are a couple of areas of thunderstorms on the northern Australian coast that bare watching. Otherwise, it's pretty quiet.

Satellite imagery used with permission; courtesy of IPS Meteostar Inc. Click for larger images. Annotations are made by the author of this blog.

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Currently at Denver (Hampden Heights), Colorado: 23ºF Clear

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