Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 17th, 2009 Chase Teaser - Gorilla Hail!!!

I'm exhausted and I have to be at work in like six hours, so here's a couple photos and a brief description of the day:

No, we didn't see any tornadoes. However, we followed a tiny white cloud that formed over my office in Denver all the way to the Nebraska border where it cycled through very interesting structure and shot out these puppies below. At first, I wasn't sure what the size was ... guessed 3". Well, my phone is 3.75" in length ... AND ... measuring the larger hailstone below (at least estimated, given the photograph), I would pin the bottom one at 4". And we only briefly ran out to grab stones, so it was possible that there were larger.

There is video coming, though not mine.

Chased with Michael and Eric Carlson.



Pat Boomer said...

Ouch! Those are huge!
Take any hits?
Glad we have a hail suppression program up here, they seem to do a good job keeping things under baseball size.
Seen the damage those Nebraska meteors can do a few years ago in nws report. Yikes!

sknr31 said...

spikey hail, haven't seen that since last year....but that again is awesome!

Terry said...

Nice job buddy. Id love to see some stones like that about now.

Dann Cianca said...

Pat: The vehicle (Michael's) took a few hits, though I managed to avoid anything larger than 0.75" in person. :)

Skinner: The spikes mean they's intelligenter.

Terry: Thanks!! I'll send some your way if I can. :)