Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2010 Storm Chase 45 Teaser - September 14th - Northwest Kansas Mothership & Tornado

"The Bull" ... storm while still high-based in Colorado.

Near Saint Francis, Kansas... sunset colors.

Possible tornado northwest of Goodland. An "off duty NWS employee" reported a "cone tornado" at this exact time. From what we saw, if it touched down, it was brief before it wrapped in rain, so we cannot confirm.

This meso is from a northward moving cell in front of the tornado-warned supercell taken from the same position as the previous photo, looking N. (About 10N Goodland)

Likely tornado in Thomas County, located at about 4NE Brownville or 10SSE Brewster.

The mothership as it moved into Monument, Kansas.



sknr31 said...

speechless, just amazing! how awesome to see the glory of the skies....

Kim Insana said...

WOW incredibly photos Dann! Beautiful!

James Langford said...

Stunning images Dann! What a way to end the year. :)

Kendell said...

Fantastic photos. I really like the last lightning shot.

Dan R. said...

Congrats on the catch!!

Char said...

I absolutely love your photos Dann! Beautiful!!

Dann Cianca said...

Skinbot: Amen to that!

Kim: Thank you!

James: Thanks, man... but the end doesn't come until December 31st. ;)

Kendell: Thanks, it's my favorite from the night as well.

Dan: Thank you!

Char: Thanks Char, I appreciate it.