Thursday, November 20, 2008

Colorado County Tornado Frequency

According to the map above (provided by NWS Denver), the top 10 Colorado counties as far as tornado frequency are as follows:

1. Weld County
2. Adams County
3. Washington County
4. Lincoln County
5. El Paso County
6. Kit Carson County
7. Arapahoe County
8. Elbert County
9. Logan County
10.Yuma County

However, when divided by the area of each county, the list changes dramatically:
(previous ranks in parenthesis)

1. Adams County (2)
2. Arapahoe County (7)
3. Denver County (25)
4. Douglas County (14)
5. Weld County (1)
6. Sedgwick County (19)
7. Phillips County (17)
8. Morgan County (12)
9. Washington County (3)
10.Elbert County (8)

This, of course is assuming that all tornadoes that form are reported.

I would like to go back and reanalyze using an average population density over the time period listed and further rank the counties by how likely any existing tornado is to be reported by the public. Of course, Denver area will be forever skewed by the "non-supercell tornado alley"!


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Anonymous said...

The differences between the two lists is very interesting. Thanks for breaking that down!