Monday, November 24, 2008


The current dewpoint depression at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport is 86ºF!!!

Current temp: 59ºF, 2% humidity = -25ºF Td

Here is the raw METAR:

KBJC 242147Z 30006KT 60SM FEW250 15/M32 A3020 =

We're also seeing temps in the 60's around the metro area with humidities between 3-6%. KBJC (Rocky Mountain) is situated on a hill in Broomfield, Colroado. Winds are out of the northwest right now (downslope), causing a little extra drying.

Close to work at KAPA (Centennial Airport), we're sitting at 64ºF with 4% humidity. That gives us a dewpoint of -13ºF (Td depression= 77ºF)


(sorry for the weathernerd excitement)



Unknown said...

That is just nutty. I have felt something similar out in the Boulder Mountains in southern Utah but that was only a depression of 55 degrees. I imagine an 80+ spread pretty effectively dries you out just standing there.

Dann Cianca said...

We topped it today, Bill. At 5:45 this morning, with westerly winds (katabatic off the mountains), the Tdd was 95ºF!!! (57/-38) 1% humidity. Insane.