Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! I'm a jerk!

So, I got a friend request on MySpace from http://www.myspace.com/usastormchasingtours and was absolutely astonished at the complete disregard for correct spelling and grammar. Not to mention the fact that there are no chase photos at all ... just a picture of a spotter training certificate (which makes me wonder if that is the extent of the experience).

A few little gems:

USA Storm Chasing Tours's Blurbs
About me:
This web site is for our customers that have been with us and for people that like to see whats happen on a storm chasing tour. Thier will be traveling to different states and we will stay in hotels and eat out threw the trip.
Who I'd like to meet:
People that like adventure and the agenlin rush of chasing storms. And a place where storm chasers can get to chat and share information. And people that has any questions about any thing.

USA Storm Chasing Tours's Interests
General Our tour group has highly qualified and perfeshinal staff and willing to go above and beyond to make your storm chasing tour as mind blowing and fun for you and your family and friends.

It just boggles my mind. ... I sent a little note ... so I might have a little hate mail coming back. I'm not one to stir up trouble, but crap.

I mean ... really!?



Danny Neal said...

Jerk >:-(

Steve Miller said...

Very nice!
Man, I'm gonna have to get on the ball with this stuff. You are getting all the good "stupid storm chaser tricks" stories posted before I have a chance to get to them! PROPS!

Lanny said...

Hmmm....I do not know who this lady is, but I got a request from someone in Missouri about wanting to purchase the domain from me:
I informed her that it was not for sale....wonder if it is the same lady?

Adam L said...

I got a request from them/her too. Just for the hell of it I accepted...well see what comes of it lol.

Dann Cianca said...

Danny: Sorry, didn't know it was your tour company. ;)

Steve: I wouldn't say "all" ... this is the first I've posted. I just wanted to fit in with the ST crew ... bring on the drama!

Lanny: It's possible. She never did respond to my little note.

Adam: I see a bunch of chasers on her friends list already. Maybe I should join too.

Travis said...

hmmm....spell check at least? If you can't learn how to use that, why in the hell would I want to trust you with my life?

nEo said...

Poeple licke that shud not even has a puter. I meen, reaaly. Come on. Who dont knoe how to uze a sple chekar.

Dann Cianca said...

Travis: Exactly, not very "perfeshinal".

Neo: pohrc chap sandwichis