Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2009 Family Reunion Day Two - August 5th - Rocky Mountain National Park & Other Adventures

I spent the afternoon of the 5th in the park with my parents and sister. We went on several short hikes and drove to the summit of Trail Ridge Road before turning around and coming back. Here are a few photos with captions detailing the event.

Adams Falls (East Inlet Creek)

Family Portrait at Adams Falls (Dad, Mom & Sister)

A wider shot of Adams Falls

My younger sister Christina

Looking Northeast from Medicine Bow Curve on Trail Ridge Road (notice the convection firing to the north!)

Lake Irene

... and finally later that night back at the Snow Mountain Ranch...
My cousin Brad fly fishing at Gaylord Reservoir

Late night light at Gaylord Reservoir.

Don't worry, I promised lightning photos and they're coming next!



Scott Hammel said...

Damn looks like you guys had a good ass time! RMNP rules!

Laurie Osier said...

Wow, amazing photos. It looks beautiful there!

Dann Cianca said...

Scott: We did!

Laurie: Thanks! It's gorgeous ... but nothing like Montana. ;)