Saturday, August 08, 2009

2009 Family Reunion Day One - August 4th - Sunset of the Moose (Plural)

I have been working on a new project at work for the past few months, one which could permanently set my career path. This project is VERY important to me and though I can't get into details yet, I am putting my hardest effort into it.

This week marked the 12th biennial family reunion of the Pascoe (my mom's) side of the family. This year, it was held at the Snow Mountain Ranch in Grand County, Colorado. I really wanted to put a lot of effort in at work and was worried I wouldn't be able to attend. However, we are in a bit of a lull right now so I decided to come up for three days starting on Tuesday.

On the first day, I arrived mid-afternoon and briefly said hello to a few family members before meeting others in Grand Lake for a trip to the Grand Lake Brewery. As is my custom in such places, I ordered the sampler to try all of their different brews. I will have to admit, I was partial to the Wooly Booger Nut Brown Ale and the Plaid Bastard Scotch Ale.

Afterward, we headed back to the ranch and had some dinner. A moose decided to visit the area with her moose-lings so that captivated my attention until the sun decided to set in aesthetic fashion. Here are a few photos.



nEo said...

Da Moose! I seez it. :) Cool picture.

Dann Cianca said...

Thanks nEo!