Tuesday, August 05, 2008

20080805 Wx Recap

So, remember how I said it would be tough to reach that 90ºF convective temperature ... well, we did. In doing so, Denver reset the record at 24 days!

Massive convergence occurred on the east side of town today. More than an inch of rain was recorded at a few stations in or near Aurora. There was even an unconfirmed report of a tornado. Aurora dispatch called me at work to confirm and while I did see a brief signature on RADAR (looked to be a landspout), I referred them to the National Weather Service. As awesome as it would have been to comment officially on it, it's not my job. We're concerned with flooding.

An outflow boundary blew into the foothills later in the day and caused a stationary storm to form between Golden and Boulder. Some gauges picked up 1.5" of rain!

It was a fun day to be in the metwatch seat. I got to issue four separate storm tracks and spent a lot of the day on the phone with various agencies in the metro area.

It's nice to have a little rain around.


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