Wednesday, August 06, 2008

20080806 Wx Discussion I (1556Z)


Today's forecast is very similar to yesterday's. We can add a little bit more moisture into the mix today. Take a look at Grand Junction's 12Z sounding from this morning as it is a taste of things to come here in Denver:

Denver's sounding was a drier between 450 and 800mb. Surface winds are kicking up out of the southeast and should switch to the east again this afternoon. Dewpoints are already in the 50's over much of the area. As the moisture moves in in the mid-levels from the west this afternoon (helped out by a tiny shortwave moving through the flow), we will be deep in moisture.

Again, like yesterday, convergence will be key outside of terrain-based lifting. I would almost expect to see a similar area of convergence on the east side of the metro today with light westerlies off of the foothills and the south-easterly flow on the plains. The foothills and Palmer will fire early, probably before noon again. Outflow boundaries could play a rather chaotic role in storm development again today, so they will have to be watched.

Taking a look at Denver's sounding:

... we can see that there are no reasonable steering winds today until you get above 450mb. With the increase in moisture and lack of storm movement, today could be another flood day. Looks like it will be a long day of metwatch. :)


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