Saturday, August 23, 2008

Colorado Mountain Supercell

Oh man, a beautiful supercell has been rolling south on the foothills since 1PM. This image was from a half hour or so ago ... though the storm is weakining now. I observed a wall cloud with great rotation while it was up here. It has since moved south and east with rapid rotation ... was finally tornado warned. Now it's moving into more stable area off of the Palmer Divide and I expect it to weaken further.

Who says you can't get supercells in the mountains?



DM said...

Nice! I saw the tornado reports and where it was and thought..."How in the heck.." That's gotta be weird to see a hose in the mountains.


Dann Cianca said...

Hi Dick,
That first report came from a separate cell and what I believe to be a landspout (the waterspout footage is fantastic!). No one saw the tornado from the big beast ... but there was lots of tree damage.


DM said...

Ahhh I gotcha....still would be sweet to see a sup up there!