Thursday, August 14, 2008





More to follow. Encoding video (which shows funnel to surface circulation) right now ... full report eventually.


Wow, what a day.

PS: Be sure to watch Good Morning America in ... well, I guess like five and a half hours. ;)


Shane Adams said...

Congratulations Dude!!! The first one has a sweetness all its own.

nEo said...

Booom Shock Uh Lockah!!!!

Way to go Duder!!!

Anonymous said...

Great shots! I was there too and stayed just under and to the west of the curculation. I had a much different perspective of the storm. Now that I see it from the south side, it's very clear that it was a mini-LP supercell. Awesome looking storm. That storm rotated very rapidly for a good hour. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I was wondering if you were near that storm yesterday because i saw it on the radar. must have been exciting!

your friend, Alan

Anonymous said...

Great Job Danny Boy. This is awesome I will keep this close to keep update on your progress great work thou

DM said...

Awesome catch, Dann!! That was a pretty sweet looking tornado. Congrats on your first tube!


Dann Cianca said...

Shane - Thank you very much. The sweetness is amazing. ;)

Neo - Thanks again, buddy. One of these days, I'm pullin' you out of your cube and you're coming with me!

(Matt?) - Thanks again, man ... loved your shots too.

Alan - Thanks! It was VERY exciting!

Sandi - Good to talk to you again. I'll get in touch!

Dick - Thanks man, I appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Amazing! Very cool tube. Lets hope it doesn't take another 45 chases!!!

Anonymous said...

Now I know you are officially crazy!! lol
Congrats sweetie! Miss you. Stop being so crazy sometime and come to Thornton. :)


Dann Cianca said...

Danny - Thanks, I'm going to try and shave three chases off the next tornado ... maybe 42 away. It's a lofty goal ... ;)

Tracy - Thanks! I'll give you guys a holler after flood season's over. ;)


sknr31 said...

time to see more, nice column of fast air you got there...let me know if you need me to airmail some battery peace out

Dann Cianca said...

Hey Skinner, yeah ... definitely bad timing to run out of batteries ... but I suppose it happened for a reason ... it reminded me to call in the tornado to the NWS. I have no complaints. ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm Liz Laubach...Tony's Mom. I recall HIS first 'tube', so many years ago, and the excitement that came with it. I'm really, really happy for you! The picture of his 1st one still hangs on my wall!
Congratulations, and Be Safe Out There!!

Dann Cianca said...

Thank you Liz. Come to think of it, I need to print out a big wall-size for my folks! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey there!

Wow it's so great to see these pictures of the tornado hitting our property! Good job capturing the twister. I don't know if my mom had told you or not, but the insurance adjuster came out Wednesday and assessed the damages. He should be writing us a check for $5K-$10K for damages and labor to replace everything. Thanks again guys, I'm glad someone was there to get these killer pictures!


Dann Cianca said...


I'm glad that no one (or animals) were harmed by the tornado. At the time, Michael and I were unaware it had struck anything. That is certainly the downside of chasing storms.

Thank you,
Dann Cianca