Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adding Winds

(click for a much larger image)

Playing around with the CAPE/CINH product and adding a plot of gridded wind data (a composite of the U/V vectors.

What do you think? Too busy?

This product was created using LEADS software. (IPS Meteostar)

Additionally, I did take a lot of video of the windy winter storm yesterday, but I have yet to master an efficient way of retrieving video from my camera and being able to work with it. Maybe I'll get something going tomorrow night.


Scott said...

Not sure if you use Mac or PC but if you are on a Mac iMovie will import very easily and give you a basic editor. Adobe Premiere which is Mac and PC is cake as well...Like the new layout as too!

Jayson Prentice said...

Image is pretty good... Nice topographical background too! If you have some questions above the video part let me know, I just started editing through all of mine with some free software that actually works very well! Just give me an email if you need any suggestions...